Landscapes made to complement your life and the natural world.


With a passion for the natural world and an understanding of the impact design has on our everyday lives, we design outdoor spaces large and small to be lived in and enjoyed throughout the seasons.   Alison Campbell Design is a full service landscape design company whose offerings include the following services in Eastern Massachusetts: 


Master Plans

Whether you are building fresh or rethinking an established property, a master plan evaluates the entire property and provides a cohesive plan for your landscape. From walkways and patios to the location of a vegetable garden, this is a holistic approach to the design process. The resulting vision can be installed in its entirety or phased to accommodate your budget or development plan.


Landscape Renovation

Established landscapes can need reworking from time to time. Enlarging outdoor spaces as a family or house grows, editing plantings as shade increases, or creating new gardens as a passion is found - these are all situations that call for a trained eye to sensitively integrate new features into the existing landscape.


Garden Design

Sometimes you just want to rethink a particular garden area. Perhaps the view from the patio isn't quite what you had in mind, or maybe you're ready to expand your perennial beds. We can creatively address specific garden areas to bring real change to your property without a complete overhaul.